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  • Karin Zeitvogel

Travel in Europe for $25 a day

Eurail's having a spring sale!

If you have time on your hands and a bit of wanderlust, you could get a Global Pass offering 15 travel days over two months for $373, compared to more than $400 when there's no sale. That's less than $25 per travel day.

Other options include four days within a month for $186 -- $46.50 per travel day -- or five days for $214, which works out at $42.80 per day.

Those are Global Pass prices for second class travel for 12- to 27-year-olds. Prices for travelers older than that are above $400 (but still a good deal). Two kids between the ages of 4 and 11 travel for free with an adult (28-59 years old) with a pass.

Eurail's website doesn't say anything about kids under 4. Presumably, they travel free with an adult.

Global Passes allow you to travel by train to 33 European countries. One-country passes, which do what their name implies -- allow travel in one country -- are also on sale. An adult can get three days of travel in France on a one-country pass, for instance, for $148 during the sale, compared to the usual price of $164.

The sale runs through March 21st, but if you buy a mobile pass, you don't have to start using it until 11 months from the date of purchase.


Eurail passes are meant for by people who live outside Europe. Europeans and residents of The Continent have to get Interrail passes, but they were not included in the sale.

However, residency in Europe has to be proven with official documents, according to the website. Americans in Europe who don't have a resident's permit in their passport or who aren't here for more than six months, like some students, could avail themselves of the Eurail sale prices if they buy a mobile pass and put in their U.S. address when they purchase it. When conductors have checked my passport, they only checked the front of it to make sure the information on the Eurail pass matched what it said in the passport.

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