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  • Karin Zeitvogel

No, Amtrak is not offering a $1 train pass

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

An Amtrak train in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, station./
Amtrak's California Zephyr train, which runs between Chicago and San Francisco, pulls into Glenwood Springs in Colo., in May 2021, on the way to Denver. This train is not one of the trains you could ride for free with a $1 Amtrak train pass. No train is. The pass is a scam, according to Amtrak. (K. Zeitvogel)  


It looked very tempting when it popped up on Facebook: an ad for a pass that would get me a year of travel on many Amtrak trains for just $1.

There were comments from delighted people who had received their cards -- but they appeared to have been written by the same person or people who had written the congratulatory message, and no one seemed to have tried to use the card. In addition, the sender's email address was a little suspicious -- they were somewhere in Italy, if I remember correctly.

I took a screenshot of the fabulous prize and sent it to Amtrak. They confirmed the old adage that if something appears to be too good to be true, it probably isn't true.

Clicking on the URL at the bottom of that message takes you to this:

Beware of "Super" Discounts and "Unbelievable" Promotional Deals

Only tickets purchased directly from Amtrak or one of our partners will be accepted for travel. Don't let the criminals take you for a ride with travel scams and fraud. They offer discount Amtrak tickets on online auction sites and social media venues that are invalid. These tickets will not be honored by Amtrak and are investigated by the Amtrak Police Department. Always purchase tickets from Amtrak or one of its authorized resellers — and get where you are going. Additional information is available in Terms and Conditions.

Some links (partners, authorized resellers) were added to simplify your life.

Here are some real deals Amtrak was offering in July 2023.

None was for a year of free travel for a buck.

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